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Joseph Kahn
Rena Charming
Lady Junky
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First Episode

Welcome to Storywik

Once Upon a Virus 1x01.png

"Pilot" is the 1st episode of Once Upon a Virus. The Evil Bureaucrat of the Once Upon a Time Wiki, Reginafan2626, enacts a powerful Virus that uploads everyone in Wikia to the small town of Storywik, Maine where he presides over them as Mayor Joshua King. However, 21 years later, Joseph Kahn rolls into town and immediately ruffles the feathers of some of the locals. He meets Renato Smith and Justine King - who, unbeknownst to him, are actually his parents Rena Charming and Lady Junky - as well as some other characters who have drastically lost touch with the people they used to be. Could he be the key to their salvation?


Final Episode

Ultimate Fate

Once Upon a Virus 5x12.png

"Ultimate Fate" is the 60th episode of Once Upon a Virus, as well as its fifth season's finale and series finale. Once upon a time, a brand new story set sail... and now, the time has come for the ultimate fate of all to be decided. As Joe and Jdg98 face off, preparations are made for an even bigger battle on the horizon. Rena and Lady plan to protect their children at all costs - although that may not be so feasible - while Storywik's resident witches, Rachel and Joanna, get to reworking one of the latter's old plans, all thanks to Natalia who, like Joe, is forced to combat her very self when the time comes. Meanwhile, Liz comes to terms with what she did during her time splashing into the darkness as she comes face to face with the bot's new host, and Josh's memory is preserved as Jdg's final plan seems to be coming into fruition. Can the side of good prevail over the armies of evil heading their way? And not just in town, but in the Other Wiki as well, with the deactivated Virus' deadly fail-safe having kicked in which means all the deceased rise up against the last survivors, all culminating in the very end of Once Upon a Virus itself! Happily ever after? Well, let's see...


Featured Character



DeviousPeep is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Virus. Leader of the Wiki Witches of the West back in the Wikia world that was, Peep's life goal has been to find a way back to Earth so she may avenge her ancestors and conquer the world. After years of planning and loads of manipulation, she finally succeeds in having an all-powerful virus enacted which transports all those of Wikia to a small town in Maine known as Storywik. There, she resides as Head Nurse Joanna Seer, and over two decades later the virus is finally broken. After a few interruptions, including those of her estranged father and conniving girlfriend, Peep finally dominates the world... but is of course defeated by the heroes, and so all her success is ultimately undone. From then on, she starts to go down the rocky road of redemption, but not without the help of her long lost daughter, Emma, and new love interest, Rachel; however, can she see this through even when she loses the both of them? As it turns out, yes. Upon winning Rachel back, she was able to become a true hero, helping save the town in its darkest hour.


Featured Episode

Devil's Spawn

Once Upon a Virus 3x08.png

"Devil's Spawn" is the 32nd episode of Once Upon a Virus. DeviousPeep reveals her ultimate plan for the people of Earth and journeys into another realm in order to collect something that will aid in her goal, all the while keeping her "very special guest" locked up in the dungeons where Joe, being a threat to her, is taken also. Meanwhile, Lady searches for a way to bring back the dead, but ends up discovering more than she bargained for amidst Joanna's things. And in the Wikia world that was, Peep finds herself immaculately in the family way, and must go to horrifying lengths because of it.


About OUaV


The series takes place in the fictional town of Storywik, Maine, which acts like a parallel universe in which the residents are actually characters from various and well known wikis that were transported to the 'real world' town by a powerful virus. Its only hope lies with a mysterious man, Joseph Kahn, who was transported from the Once Upon a Time Wiki before he could be caught in the virus. As such, he is the only person who can stop the virus and restore the user's wiki memories, aided by the mysterious Natalia Grant, known as MaryPierceLopez in the wiki world, who has somehow kept her memories and must convince Joe to believe.

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Series Review

Okay, in thanks for you writing this awesome series, Joe, and because I took so long to read it all, I've written a series review, as well as the one of the series finale. In return, I would like a L…

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Joe is

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